01:01 Double Hour Meaning In Numerology, Guardian Angels and Tarot

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Did you see the mirror hour 01:01 ? Did it seem like it is trying to send some message to you? Well, here in this article you will know everything this double hour 01:01 is trying to say.

When you choose to know what these double hours mean, you will find many different perspectives and knowledge in terms of numerology and astrology. But one thing is certain that you did not encounter them as a fact of coincidence. They are shown to you by your subconscious for a specific reason. Your subconscious has a message for you.

what does seeing 01:01 mean in guardian angels and numerology


To send this message your subconscious and your guardian angels play their roles in a way that they make you encounter this unique hour everyday or very often. They make you search for the message behind it so that you know what is there for you to know that is going to happen.


01:01 Meaning with the guardian angels

By this number, your guardian angels have good news and a warning for you and your relationships. Your guardian angel is telling you to focus on your relationships right now because being careless might not turn out to be good. Also, if you are searching for love for a long time, you will meet the person soon. Your loneliness is about to end. If you know somebody or you have somebody in mind who could be your life partner, it is definitely a good time to approach them.

You are somebody with a strong personality, be it at work or within your social life. People get inspired by you. But some might get jealous as well. Guardian angels are warning you about being aware of such situations. If you think you are in a good position in your life, do not be arrogant about it. Remember the people who were there to support you and get you where you are right now. Also, the guardian angel tells us that you are somebody with great teamwork quality.  You know how to be in a team and achieve something with all your team members aside. Your guardian angels are telling you with the help of this number that you focus on this quality of yours and be in good terms with everybody.

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The angel that is corresponded to this number is Elmiah. Elmiah signifies success in professional and industrial life. It has the energy that leads you to success in your career and achieve great heights being in lead. It enhances the quality of leadership within you and makes you take responsibility and command for achieving your goals. It ignites the energy within you and integrates your feelings with spirituality.

Elmiah brings an end to all your difficult situations so that you can lead towards a happier life. This angel focuses on journeys, it could be a journey to some physical place or your spiritual thoughts. Get ready to face a resolution to all your problems related to psychology. Elmiah tells us that you are somebody who gives people ideas and proposals on the path of success. But, it is not all the time that you have somebody to share your feelings with. This is why Elmiah is warning you to be aware of the people who are selfish and can turn against you when you need them.


What does 01:01 mean in numerology and tarot?

The total of the double hour 01:01 comes out to be 2. Number 2 is a symbol of harmony and love. This number brings peace in your life. It pushes you towards companionship and hence tells you to get along with people. This number tells us that so many good things are on their way to you. All you need to do is believe in your angels and trust in their energies. This number could be the answer to your prayers and hence when it strikes you, you should search for deeper meanings.

The tarot card related to this double hour 01:01 that is striking you is Magician. This tarot card has all the resources and tools that make your dreams come true. Now, you have the support of physical, mental, emotional and psychological resources to fulfill your desires. With all the astrological support, you should move forward with the ideas that have been striking your mind in recent times.



In a nutshell, this double hour tells you to get out of your loneliness and search for love because relationships are in your favor. If you are lonely and away from all the people and social life, use that time as an opportunity to yield more ideas and creativity to your life and career. All in all, be positive and think positive. Positivity is the best tool for you to move forward.

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