03:30 Hour : You are  Family Guy – What Does Seeing 03-03 Mean?

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The double hours and the reversed hours both are equally significant when it comes to the message hidden behind them for the observer. No matter if you are seeing any of them, it is very natural yet important for you to search for the message with these hours. If you have come across these hours a lot lately, you are likely to have some message that the supreme world is trying to send. It could be the angels trying to reach you or the entity itself. So, when you look at reversed hour 03:30 it is definitely not a coincidence but a plan that the supreme world and your subconscious have been working on. Yes, your subconscious plays a really important role when it comes to this phenomenon. It takes note of all such signs and takes actions according to that. It will make you notice reversed hour 03:30 until you know it is time to search for the message.


03:30 meaning in angelic world and numerology


All of it is the result of the theory suggested by Carl Jung called synchronicity. According to synchronicity, if any two events occur even not being relatable to each other at all but still have a message behind them, it is important. In a similar way, we look at the time in our watches a lot of times and often get surprised by the time it shows because it might be similar to what it showed when you saw it yesterday. This is the exact example of synchronicity. It all happens for a reason and here we will tell you those reasons. Actually, we will just provide you with the information but interpreting the information out of it will be your responsibility. Because what we have here is applicable to everybody who witnessed reversed hour 03:30 but what relates to you can only be understood by you.


03:30 Angelic interpretation

We know through the help of the guardian angels and reversed hour 03:30 that family matters to you a lot. You are ready to give up on everything if it is something that is needed to be done for your family. Even your love life is often jeopardized because you take all the decisions with the effect of your family. Well, loving your family is no bad but loving them to an extent that you do not have any decision making power with you might be something you should worry about.

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Also, temper is something that has spoiled and affected people’s life to a really high extent. You are one of the ones who are likely to go through the same. Reversed hour 03:30 brings a warning along by the guardian angels to keep your temper in control during this period. Also, denial could prove to be the worst decision you make right now. Whatever happens, own it and move on with it. Living with a feeling of denial forever would not make it easier but instead, you will lose a lot of time.

Under the influence of the angel Lauviah, you will be praised and appreciated for all your good efforts and it will feel like your hard work is finally paying off. Also, do not worry about the difficult situations you might find yourself in because this angel will protect you from them. He grants victory so be ready for a big one.



Numerological significance

The number 33 which takes a shape between reversed hour 03:30 has a great significance in numerology. With its help, you get the influence of double 3 which makes it more amplifying and magnifying. It is the symbol of expansion and you will see a gradual but positive development in every area of your life. Make it your goal to make the most out of this opportunity. Try to think a little broad-minded because the narrower your thought would be, the harder will be the decisions that you make. Also this number 33 tells that the angels are always there with you to guide you towards your path of life and you should look upon them whenever you feel like you need some help. Honesty and discipline are two attributes that will be magnified the most in you under reversed hour 03:30’s reflection. But, both of them are positive ones so you do not really have anything to worry about. Just remember that you have to put effort into everything you do because you can not just sit and wait for good luck to do everything.



Very important information reversed hour 03:30 carries, in a nutshell, is that you should expect a lot of unexpected events. It could be victories that it grants you, problems that you might get into or somebody being in love with you secretly. Expect any of them happening. Also,  focusing on the love life, he/she has been feeling the same for a long time now but he never said it aloud. Now is the time he might do it.


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