04:04 Spiritual Meaning in Numerology and Astrological Beliefs

Now, you are going to know everything about the mirror hour 04:04 through the underwritten article. The reason why you are searching for such answers or messages is that your subconscious has led you to it. Your subconscious has made it seem like through this hour that there is something you should know. It made you look at this hour with double 4 in it that puzzled you about what it means. So, what does seeing 04:04 mean? What does your angel have to say? What does numerology hold for this number? What is there in astrology about it? You will now everything here.

what does 04:04 mean in numerology and tarot

We have to thank Carl Jung for this great phenomenon of synchronicity that he introduced to us. He was one of the greatest psychiatrists who told us that these double hours could mean something and might want to deliver a message to the one who is observing it.

Here, we are going to tell you what that message is through some tools or resources like starting with what angels need to say, then taking the help of numerology and finally what astrology holds for it.


What do angels have to say about 04:04?

Your guardian angels tell that you might be involved in some kind of building activity soon. It could be building a new home, office or anything. This could turn into something really lucky for you and can affect you in all the good ways. It might bring healthy family relations or also growth in work, whatever the plan is about. Also, this is a great time for your business. You might explore new business ideas and experience intense growth in your career. Also, if you are someone with some great idea in mind, it might be a good time to turn it into a great infrastructure. Your angels are in your support. Keep doing good.

Although, angels are also telling you to be a bit careful with whatever step you are planning to take. If it is something you can avoid, it is advisable to go with the big plan sometime else. The double hour 04:04 is not lucky enough that way. Also, you need to stop living a virtual life that you are and step into reality. A bit of realism is what you need in your life right now. Go out, meet people and make some friends. A good social life awaits you. Keep a good balance between your personal and social life as well. It is much needed.

The guardian angel Yezalel tells us that you are always afraid to be alone and seek unity or union with others. This sense of unity is your secret to all the good relationships you have and also harmony in your life. You do great with your love life because you respect and love your partner and put in all the needed efforts in your relationship. Also, you are attracted more to the opposite genders and seek friendship with them. Making new friends is your hobby.

You have a great capability of logical interpretations and intellectuality. With such an intellectual level, you have the capability of attracting everyone towards you and also you can find a solution to any difficult situation with your logical skills. People often find and religious and spiritual matters difficult to understand but even there, you can achieve success by understanding the whole situation or fact with all the logic stated about it. Though you have all the essential skills and understanding if you ever seek help, Yezalel will come to your rescue. He is always there beside you.


04:04 Numerological and astrological beliefs

Well, number 8 that is the total of this hour 04:04 is known to bring balance to your spiritual and material life. Also, through number 8, your guardian angels might be indicating abundance that is coming your way. So be ready for it. Also, this number carries a lot of spirituality with itself as it is between the most spiritual numbers 7 and 9. This is also the reason for the balance it brings. Meditation is what you need to understand this message from angels who are telling you how you can use all your talents and skills to welcome success.

Talking about your tarot card Emperor, he is the father of all the tarot cards. He gets with itself the sense of authority and power over others. A great leader and an ideal father figure are its other influences. You are on a good path with it.



This hour brings great benefit to your health and might take away the disease that has been troubling you for very long now. You will have numerous opportunities landed in your way that will improve your financial position as well. In short, it has all the good astrological influences upon you.

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