07:07 Double Hour Meaning – You are Determined and Hardworking

We sometimes encounter some moments of synchronicity which raises some questions in our mind, especially if it happens a lot. Take an example if you encounter the mirror hour 07:07 frequently, this is also what we call synchronicity that makes you search for the message and signs it wants to deliver. Here, you will know answers to all your questions about this hour. Not every sign or message related to this hour could be concentrated towards you and hence you will need to analyze them and understand for which of them your subconscious has alarmed you about. All of it is done by our subconscious which tells our conscious mind to take note of it, even though these mirror hours.

what does seeing 07:07 on the clock

Sometimes two events that have no connection with each other could be a message to the one who is observing it. Similar is the case with mirror hours. They happen every day and some people might even encounter it but not notice, but the one who has seen it frequently would want to know what it means because his subconscious has noted that hour. So, here is what it mean.


07:07 Mirror hour and the guardian angels

This hour 07:07 and your guardian angels tells us that you are somebody who enjoys freedom way too much. You do not like to be restricted in any way and can turn against people really bad who try to do it. You keep warning people about it as well. You are somebody who is very determined about their dreams and know how to put in hard work and efforts for it. You are a steer warning for everybody who tries to come in the way of your dreams and you can prove to be the worst nightmare for them.

You are always curious about everything and that makes you eager to explore as well. Exploration is something you enjoy a lot. Knowing people, making friends, visiting new places, all of it is fun for you and you have all your happiness attached to them. You have the with that you wanted to achieve your dreams. You have an extremely keen intelligence and understanding for everything you do or attempt to do. Knowledge is your power and everything you are is because of it only. You are very dedicated and committed to your work and duties. You cannot compromise them for anything or anyone. Your commitments seem to have the highest priority in your life. Also, be aware as this hour tells us that somebody might be in love with you and waiting for you to approach them.

The angel that has the power over the mirror hour 07:07 is Yeiayel who tells us that you are somebody who does not really seek fame. Instead, all you want is for people to like you and be good for you. That would be just enough for you to be at peace with others. This angel also gives you the ability to make wise choices and hence seek success. You are never unstable with the decisions you make but go ahead with firmness once you have decided something. You are very fond of art and encourages it a lot. You have great respect for artists and admire them from the core of your heart.


What numerology and astrology have to say about the hour 07:07?

This number 14 that is the total of the hour tells us that you must be very careful with your decisions because everything you do have a consequence awaiting in the future. The number 14 also tells us that you are a definite risk-taker and enjoy challenges in every situation be it at work or home. This might not turn out to be good for you because the impulsive decisions that you take now have some worse consequences in the future. This number is all about change and it seeks transformation into the ones that encounter it. This change is going to be positive and beneficial for you.

The tarot card connected to this hour chariot tells us that you are somebody who can be called a brave warrior. You welcome challenges and conquer them with grace and ease. This tarot represents victory and success and tells us that these are some things that await you. You might just make success in something that most people would find impossible and weird.



This hour has a very clear meaning for you that states that you need to take a closer look at your life and analyze where it is heading because of the decisions that you make. This will allow you to generate some new ideas that are going to make your life a lot happier. Do it with a positive mindset and you will have everything laid down in your feet.

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