08:08 Meaning – Why You Keep Seeing 08:08 All The Time?

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So, is it happening like you just look at the time and see it is the double hour? Not just once but it might have happened quite often. If yes, this could be what we call synchronicity. Now, what is synchronicity? It is a sign that your subconscious captures and then it makes you look for the meaning and signs behind the double hour. If all of it is happening to you and the double hour that you encounter is 08:08, then you are going to have all your answers here. This article has all the information about the double hour 08:08 and if you have encountered this hour, you will be able to relate to all of them.

what does seeing 08:08 mean

All the meaning here will be interpreted with the help of a few resources. It can be the angels or the numerology behind the hour. Also, we will take the help of what tarot card is connected to this hour and what it says about you and your connection with the hour. First, we will talk about what angels have to say.


What do angels need to say about 08:08?

Well, your guardian angels tell us that you have some really strong traits in your personality and all of them take you ahead in your life and career. One of them is introspection. You have a sense of analyzing everything about you at every point of your life. You know what you do and what it means to you. Every emotion you feel is pre-analyzed by you and hence you forecast the upcoming difficulties earlier. This helps you a lot to improve gradually with time and also focus on your negative traits. You also have a very strong and powerful intuition with everything and everybody. You always know what comes your way and how to deal with it. Your intuitions might be really useful at times but 08:08 gets a warning along that you need to be careful with your over-analyzing and predictive skills because that might get you into conflicts or unavoidable problems.

You enjoy wisdom and independence. Independence for what you do and wisdom for what you learn. You hate to be restricted and nobody would dare to do that with you. Even when it comes to relationships, you are somebody who believes in individualism and trust. You hate to be held by insecurities of your partner which usually gets you in a fight with them.

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The guardian angel connected with these hour tells us that you are somebody who believes in self-confidence and does not need teachers to learn. You like to be self-dependent and is greedy for knowledge. You seek knowledge from everywhere possible and that makes you learn a little more every day. You believe in spirituality or religion but neglect all the priests and gurus around you because you want to find your peace and connect to the spiritual world by yourself through meditation and focus. But, where you lack is that you collect all this knowledge for yourself and you hate to share it with others. You are a free and courageous personality who will never be restricted or controlled by anybody.

With all the knowledge that you gather you want to and seem to get ahead of others in professional and personal life. You like it when you know more than others and feel superior to them. But, there is a saying that knowing too much can be dangerous. Also, flaunting too much might not be good as well.


08:08 interpretations in numerological and astrological

Number 16 is the number of introspections. It encounters people who analyze the situation both spiritually and logically. This keeps them in touch with peace and realism both. Those people also have some events and situations that need spiritual answers and it is good to seek them. Exploration and self-sufficiency are the tools that will lead such people to power, peace, and wisdom.

The tarot card justice that is connected to 08:08 tells us that you are somebody who believes a lot in justice and law. You like things being fair to everybody and seek rightful decisions whenever needed even for others. But this card has different meanings as well. You could be somebody who has done something wrong and yet to be justified for it. Then, this hour comes as an alarm or warning to you.


This hour brings a period of opportunity to change what you do not like about yourself. Focus on what you really need and how it is possible to get them by a little effort and hard work. Seize these opportunities and make the most out of them because you might not get them again. Focus on your own path and goals.

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