What Does 11:11 Mean In Numerology and Its Connection To Guardian Angels

Here, we are going to give you all the interpretations related to the mirror hour 11:11 and what does it mean. You saw this hour and do you think it was an accident or a coincidence. Well, you must have heard the world saying that nothing that happens is a coincidence but in fact, everything holds a special message for the people who encounter it. Well, in this case when you encountered the hour 11:11, it was a special sign or what we call is synchronicity that your subconscious captured. Such signs which generally hold a message but seem very normal are often missed by our mind but our subconscious takes care of it.

11:11 meaning in numeroogy and gaurdian angels

Talking about the hour 11:11, you must have heard young kids and teens considering it a lucky hour to make a wish. Well, it is true. This hour has high importance in the spiritual and religious world. Even Carl Jung has derived its special theory of synchronicity with this amazing set of four numbers. Here, we will tell you what this hour brings you and what importance does it hold in your life. By means of angels, numerology, and astrology, we will provide here some interpretations that might get you close to the sign this hour is trying to send you.


Connections between Angels and the mirror hour 11:11

Your guardian angels tell us that you are somebody who lives by solving any difficult situation in a practical way. Practicality is a key to all your problems and you are right to be this way. Ambition and discipline are the most visible and strong traits of your personality and you value them the most. Where you do not have an ambition, you would not head that way. But, guardian angels worry that this might make you lose some good opportunities that would never come back. Also having too much discipline might just make you look a boring and dull personality and you might not get along with people that way. So, keep these traits in your mind and also value them but always have a check on how much do you actually need them.

If you are somebody who loves to go and achieve everything on your own, you might need to reconsider it. Has going alone taken you anywhere? If not, try cooperating with others at the workplace as well as in your personal life. Cooperation might be the key to your success. Well, guardian angels also tell us that you are madly in love with somebody and can do anything for him/her. But, the problem here is that your whole life has centered on him/her only. You are forgetting that focusing on some important things is a must. In a way, you are just loving him too much. Try considering this warning seriously.

The angel Lehahiah who reflects its influence on the hour 11:11 gives the person all the positive attributes that help him to help others. With devotion, respect, and seriousness that it grants, the person can easily have anybody fall in love with him. This person under the influence of Lehahiah is very lucky with relationships because the angel supports him the most in this area and reward him with some happiness all the time.


Numerological and astrological interpretations of this hour

The number 11 is strongest in numerology and has a great place in the means of a spiritual world. You are very likely to gain success if you have your eyes on it and work hard for it. Your hard work will always pay off. The number 22 also shows that you are on some good things in your life that are going to lead you to some really great opportunities. It might even come out to be the purpose of your life and pay you so well that you would not need anything else.

The tarot card connected to this hour is a strength. As the name suggests, it gets strength along with itself. Be it in your personality, life, career or relationships. It will be one of your best chances to improve anything that has gone wrong in recent times. You will have all the courage you need through this card to conquer the situations you are getting yourself into. You will be having a strong influence on everybody and get ready for some compassion in your life and relationship.

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If you have any doubts about your purpose for existence, this hour will clear it all. You have been complaining about the situations a lot lately that got you nowhere so now working for them might be better than complaining. If you have positive thoughts in mind and determination to make things better, you will surely achieve it. Just make your way to your desires.

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