123 Angel Number Meaning In Numerology – What Does 123 mean?

There is always a meaning to something, if you are somehow seeing the angel number 123 then you should consider it more than just a number because it is not ordinary or a regular number. These numbers are actually an indication or a message from your angels. It might be giving you an indication of an important event that is going to happen in your life.

You should keep in your mind that your angels are there to communicate with you all the time, every single day they are around you and keeping an eye on you. These numbers are sent to you as an indication to decipher. Whenever you see the number 123, then that means there is a need to simplify your whole life.

what does 123 mean in numerology


What does 123 mean?

You are putting so much energy into the things that are meant for you or are bad for you, things that are detrimental for you. This also means that you are more focused on the things that are not important or are less important, due to this you are probably ignoring the things that need your absolute concentration or attention. The meaning of the angel number 123 is that you should be faithful with the goal and purpose in your life. You should not be distracted by the things that do not need your attention or care, you should not be focused on the people that drag you back from the purpose of your life, and you should be working on your goals with concentration.


What is the spiritual meaning and symbolism of angel number 123?

The Angel number 123 has a hidden message for you, spiritually and socially. It is mostly related to the fears and doubts that you have in your life. Whenever you are about to take the right action in your life, but you still have fears and doubts about it then there are angels around you that are going to guide you the right path. All you need is the necessary support and guidance from them in such matters, whenever you need it the angels 123 will be giving you this.

If we talk about its symbolic meaning, then it refers to turbulence and bringing change in life. It indicates that people should bring change in life the number make things right.


Angel number 123 and love

In the context of love, it indicates to the new beginnings, removal of the uncertainty, and brings change. For instance, the people that are in a relationship let’s say they are married or it’s been a long time that they are committed to each other, then doing things with change and something different can help in refreshing the relationship or strengthening it. In case of the married couples, they can think about having a child that can impact their love life positively. Single people should accept the true match in life; if your relationship ended there might be something in you that needs to be changed. In case you are happy as it is, then 123 is a good omen.

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Angel number 123 twin flame

When we talk about the angel number 123, there is so much to talk about because these are not just regular numbers. If you see the angel number 123 over and over again, then that means you will be embarking on a new journey and might get the chance to start over.

When you start seeing 123, it is time to get a hold of yourself and start your journey without any fear. You have been called to simplify your life, and your angels are asking you to leave the paths that have already been made and start anew.

Get rid of unnecessary complications of life and the unwanted stress, leave behind your negativity since this new path of yours will be pure. Leave behind the things that are not good to you and focus on things that are important. Let go of such things that bring you stress and sadness because in the end, you will find the happiness that you yearn for. Unless you let go of the baggage of unwanted weight, you cannot fly higher and cannot touch the heavens, to unlock your true potential, you must let go of this weight. In the end, you will realize that the things you let go were not losses but they made space for new things in your life, better things.


Angel number 123 Doreen virtue

Doreen Virtue is known as an expert and professional in deciphering these angel numbers; she explained 123 in the context of paying attention that how paying attention to the angel number can bring so much change in your life. When you have a better understanding of your life, you can get the most benefit out of it in life and its purposes. She further mentions and explains that how the guardian angels are trying to help you out by reaching out to you and by using these angel numbers that most of us ignore.

She further explains to us that the combination of three numbers which is 123 have a great power and holds an important message within it. She talks about 123 separately, she says that first of all you have to develop an understanding about 1, 2 and 3 separately and then you can decipher them when they are combined. She suggests you to split the numbers and then figure out each number, according to her it will become easier that you can understand them easily by splitting them.

Doreen Virtue further adds by giving you advice that in order to concentrate upon these indications that are directed to us by the angels who are personal guardian angel, you have to be focused on angel number 123. She further suggests that this would help in increasing your blessings because of the fact that the guardian angels will reward those that appreciate and accept them.


What does seeing 123 mean?

Seeing the angel number 123 can bring you the most amazing energy because the guardian angels are there to guide you with courage and motivation. In case you have lost that courage and motivation, then it can be the reason behind your problems. Seeing 123 tells you that bad things will always pass and you can change it by using alternates.



Our planet is a controlled one, it is our world. In order to live in the world, we need a direction or sense which leads us somewhere. No human can live like a lost sheep or a headless chicken who does not know which path to choose and which direction to lead. As a human, we need the guardian angels, because sometimes we do not have any idea about what to choose and what to do in life we have doubts and majority of us have fears while we are getting into some work. To solve all these problems in life, we have guardian angels that are directing us to use our full potential and do our best to achieve the purpose or goal in life.

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