14:41 Meaning – Get Assured That Your Guardian Angel is There For You

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Sometimes it happens that you glance at the clock and it’s 14:41. Sometimes you may dismiss this as non-relevant but after you read this article, you will understand that these coincidences actually are very meaningful instances.

When there is a specific message that needs to be brought to your attention you start seeing this number as a message. It is entirely up to you that how you interpret and behave upon seeing. Here you will learn the underlying message hidden behind hour 14:41.


14-14 hour meaning in numerology


The reversed hour of 14:41 is associated with freedom, independence, and adventure. When your protectors decide you to see this mirror hour of 14:41 frequently they actually want you to relax. You are already in a very comfortable situation and you should not take any further stress.

This symbol of 14:41 can be interpreted in many ways. It can be understood in terms of astrology, numerology ie tarot readings or the power of angels. You may think that all these interpretations will give you different interpretations and you will be left confused what the actual scenario is. But it is not the case. When you will really think about it all these interpretations will fit with each other like a jigsaw puzzle and you will be amazed to see how much power this actually holds.

You should feel the influx of positivity in you as you are obviously getting a good run with all manners of things. Let’s have a closer look at 14:41 by learning its angelic and numerological interpretation.


Angelic interpretation of reverse hour 14:41

The angel associated with hour 14:41 is Sehaliah. The first thing to know about the angel Sehaliah is that he is an angel of success. When you see this reverse hour frequently it is actually this angel wanting to communicate with you through symbols. Your guardian angels always want you to succeed and want to rise above those people who have ill intentions and do not think good of you.

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This angel increases motivation and awareness of the people. When people get too indulged in their daily life and stop minding their surroundings and hidden messages the angel increases their concentration through their presence. This might seem like a small thing to uninitiated but you should understand that these things are very important for your life and success.  Once your concentration improves your condition of life improves. When more concentrated you are able to make improvements in your life and reach new heights of success.

This angle is also the patron of core elements that life is made of – earth, fire, water, and air. It is actually by the balance in these that the angel finds the right balance for you in life. When these elements are in balance your life force increases many folds and you are able to see what you were not able to see before.

This should also ensure that the angel promises to take care of you in case of the imbalances in your life. You can really rely on the angel for your well being and success in your life.


Numerological Interpretation

When you add numbers 1 and four you end up getting 5. It thus makes the number associated with  14:41 to be 55. You might find it surprising but the number 55 is associated with freedom and motivation. Isn’t it just complimentary to the angelic interpretation of the reverse hour?

The number 55 means that you will feel an influx of positivity that will help you pass through all the obstacles that you face in life. You will have success in all your endeavors and will find that life is being just for you.

The number 55 helps you achieve in a state of energy that allows being in a state that you forget all your worries and start focusing on your strength and success. This makes you stressfree and improves your well being.

The reverse hour 14:41 also demands from you that you should be open to change in your life. The change can be in any way that you decide. If you inter[pret the message correct and take the right steps the change will always be in a positive direction.



14:41 is all good news for the faithful. Some people might find it difficult to hold their message true and fail to act accordingly. This only leads to trouble in their life. It is why you should learn its right message and walk on the path of success. If you do not find the success immediately have some patience, things are brewing for success for you.

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