15:15 Meaning in Numerology and Astrology – Hour of Spiritual Beginnings

Here, you will know what the double hour 15:15 mean and what messages it is trying to send you. We will do this with the help of a few resources such as the guardian angels, numerology and astrology. We will tell you what the angels have to say about this and also what person do the angels think you are to be precise. While the angel who has its influence on this hour will also guide you towards the signs that this hour carries, the numerology will guide you with the power of the above numbers. Also, the tarot card that has its connection with this hour will tell you some traits about you and your personality looking at this hour and also what you need to improve.


what does seeing 15:15 mean on the clock?


If you have been looking at 15:15 frequently in recent times, that just means that your subconscious is trying to get a message for you. This act that your subconscious performs is called synchronicity where subconscious catches what our minds can not. We will just tell you what this message is through the help of our angels and other resources.


What do angels say about 15:15?

The guardian angels looking at the hour 15:15 tells us that you are somebody who calls himself an introvert but always seeks friendship. You are just scared to explore people and actually yourself. Well, self-expression could be really helpful there. If you start expressing yourself to others or at least yourself, you will see a change developing within you and you will probably enjoy it. Also, if you do not accept things, they are still not going to change or stop happening. Some things or events are certain to happen and there is least you can do about them. It is good to accept them and move on. Being stuck on anything for too long makes you lose time and opportunities. Some opportunities are often missed when we are trying to make failed things happen.

It is only so much that a person could handle or tolerate it. You need to know it. You need to stop tolerating things and start putting your viewpoint wherever necessary. Again, self-expression is what you need. If you let people think that they have the power to treat you in any way that they want, a day would possibly come when you would not have the power to say anything to anybody. Imagination is your strength and you need to hold on to it. Imagination gives a way to creativity in your mind and it could be something that can make you successful. Also, the optimism that you miss in your life is a must. You need it a bit to believe in yourself and if people see it in you, they will believe in you as well. The guardian angels tell us that you should not give up on that somebody special. Things didn’t go well because the situation was not in your favor, and now when the angels are with you, you should really keep up the hope for him/her to come back because he/she is still in love with you.

The angel Ariel connected to this double hour helps you in achieving your ideals. He offers you creativity and higher chances of innovation in mind and life. You put this creativity to build something good for you and you will surely be successful with it. This creativity that he grants is your biggest strength if you use it in the right way.

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This number 15 brings all the good beginnings into your life in terms of spiritual matters. You will know the source of power for you and where do the steady flow maintain itself. If you are somebody who wants to learn and bring some positive change in your life, this number will bring it all for you. You will be in some leading position where you will have all the chances to express your creativity and talent. This number posses harmony and vitality for the ones under their reflection.

You have somebody who is just like you and hence take all your credits. You have to recognize that person and stand up for yourself. Attachment with people could make you lose interest in career and important things.  Have it, but not too much.  Somebody is restricting you and you need to know who because freedom is what you need for success. This is what tarot card connected to 15:15 says.



You are currently going through some thrilling and fascinating period which will magnify all your desires. If you have positive thoughts and actions. Many opportunities might come to you. You lack willpower and 15:15 gets you that, so do not miss out on the opportunity when you can.

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