18:18 : Hour of Independence – What Does Seeing 18-18 Mean?

Well, this hour might have been in front of you a lot of times that you are searching for what it means. You have come to the right place where we will give you complete and exact meaning of this double hour 18:18. Do you want to know why did you encounter this hour so much? Actually, your subconscious led you to see this hour. Your subconscious is very much connected to the spiritual world and hence it knew that this hour has some significance. Well, your conscious mind would never have noticed any of it because all the signs that are important and often missed by the mind, subconscious catches them. Why does it bother to do that? Actually, due to such strong connection, our subconscious always knows that angels have some messages for us and it does not want us to miss any of them. Hence, to deliver the message by the angels, our subconscious does take note of all such signs. But, remember that it is not important that these messages are necessarily by the angels only, it could be from the entity or the divine world as well.


what does seeing 18:18 on the clock everytime?


All of it is discovered by one person Carls Jung who gave us the theory of synchronicity. According to which, any event which repeats itself definitely has some significance for the observer. But, such events could be identical to a lot of people but what is important to know is that it has a different message for everybody. Even if somebody else has been witnessing 18:18 a lot like you, this hour has a different message for him than you. Here, we will provide you with all the information that you require to interpret and understand the message hidden about you. We are going to use some of the important tools of the spiritual world for providing that information, like the guardian angels, the numerology, and astrology. Take all the time you need to understand the message that this hour has for you.

Just a little bit of information in the advance that the number 18 gets some unnerving energies along, that means that this number can make you lose some confidence in yourself. You just need to stand strong in front of it. Every part of your life such as your romantic life, professional, and financial lives will be affected in some way by this hour.


18:18 Angelic interpretation

Well, the guardian angels by looking at 18:18 tell us that you believe a lot in human welfare and do everything that you can in its support. But, now is the time when you need to focus on your needs and life as well. Doing good things is obviously important but ignoring your own life for that might not be. So, focus on your dreams and goals. The guardian angels tell us that you have a lot of creativity inside you but you are still in need of people to discover it themselves. Well, it does not happen. If you have a talent, it is your responsibility to make it visible to others. If you want so, start expressing. Self- expression is a beautiful art itself. Also, the guardian angels say that 18:18 is a lucky hour as well as it will make your wishes come true. But, only if you work to make them come true.

The guardian angel that has its reflection upon the hour 18:18 is the Mebahiah. Mebahiah leads you to the clarification in every part of your life by granting your clarification in your heart. You will be able to accept things and situations easily than ever because the angel grants you that. He grants you love and kindness and makes people love you more. You will have an improved intellect and will be able to understand the things better.


Meaning in astrology and numerology

This recurring number 18 will bring independence in your life that you need. You will suddenly see yourself not being restricted anymore. You will enjoy the freedom that this number will grant you. Just use it in the right way and it could be really helpful for you. You will be involved in things that will last much longer and will prove to be really beneficial in the long run. Also, the tarot card that is connected to 18:18 is Moon and it will release all your fears and you will feel much lighter and confident. You will no more be living in an illusion and will see what the real world and people are.



18:18 warns you about the problems that you might have to face in the near future. You will have to be cool and conquer them with grace. Use your instinct to know the solutions to all of these.

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