19:19 : Hour of Patience – What Does Seeing 19-19 On The Clock Mean?

Have you been encountering 19:19 too much and wants to know why are you seeing and what does it mean. But, have you thought about why you want to know about this and why do you think this has some sign? Well, it was not your mind that made you thought about any of it. But, it was your subconscious that wanted you to notice the signs that this hour has been sending you. Your mind actually misses such signs often but your subconscious does not. Because of the binding connection that our subconscious has with the spiritual world, it knows what signs are important to you and hence never lets you miss them.


what does seeing 19:19 on the clock mean?


We will use some important tools of the spiritual world to give you this information that will help you interpret a message from 19:19. Resources like angelic interpretation, numerology and astrology will make it easier for you to understand the meaning of these hours. The reason that you have been encountering this hour is that the angels or the entity have some message for you that needs to be delivered. Hence, your subconscious knew about it. It will totally be upon you to know how 19:19 is important to you and interpret the message hidden behind it.


19:19 and its connection to guardian angels

Cooperation is the key to your success, says 19:19 and the guardian angels themselves. If you work with your teammates and co-members, you are very likely to gain success in the coming time. Working alone might give you some extra credit but sometimes you fail when you are not appreciating others and their ideas. It is important for the business to achieve the success that the people involved in the business work altogether for its goals. This time is going to be really lucky for your relationships. You will see them getting better conquering every tension that is going on right now. Just do not stop working on them at any point in time. You always have to put effort to make things work. Give up that diplomacy that you have been holding for so long. If you noticed people going away, it is just because of that diplomatic nature that you have. So, to make things better for yourself, have a little realism in your behavior.

Also, the guardian angels tell you to hold on to the patience that you have because being too excited or eager for things will only make them worse. Patience is sometimes the best attribute a person can show in certain situations.

The guardian angel Yeiayel connected to 19:19 makes you come closer to the recognition. The recognition of others as well as yourself. You will be able to look at the real sides of the people and would love to know them so much. This angel also gives you fame and popularity that you have always been seeking for. All of it will be possible because of the efforts that you put into it. You will also emerge some leadership qualities under the influence of this card. But, never forget that all the positive things will keep happening only if you work for them.


What does 19:19 say in terms of numerology and astrology?

Well, the number 19 has the numbers 1 and 9 that are technically the start and end to the number cycle. You might face some beginnings as well as some ends in your life but it is certain that they all will be good to you. You will not regret them. This number will teach you to be self-determined and will help you focus on yourself a bit more. It will teach you what and what not is to be done for the sake of humanity. This number basically will be a great lesson for you.

You will see a positive person emerging from you and all thanks to the tarot card Sun that is connected to this hour. You will feel a positive vibe from others as well and will enjoy being that person. The fun awaits you. Something really joyous is on its way. You will be thanking this hour for it. Somebody who gives you a special kind of warmth will be there beside you all the time. You will no longer feel unwanted or alone. A huge success awaits you and this hour will show you how lucky it is for you.



You will skip judging people and situations on how they look and will understand them deeply. This will make you develop as a person and you will love it about yourself. You will develop plenty of thoughts and ideas that will affect your life and career in a positive way. You will see your own life developing into something different and in a positive way.

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