20:20 Mirror Hour Meaning : Unfolding of New Events

In this article, you are about to know what the double hour 20:20 means and how it will affect your life in the coming time. It is very natural for people to search for such signs when they encounter these hours. Actually, not just these hours but all the unusual signs that nature makes you see to show you that a message needs to be delivered to you by nature itself. Yes, by nature we mean, the angels, the spiritual world or the divine entity. No matter if you saw this hour today or you are seeing it regularly, 20-20 has a message for you.


seeing 20:20 on the clock meaning


Your subconscious was aware enough to catch this sign and make it visible to you as well. Our conscious mind often misses such signs but subconscious never does. We will interpret the hour for you with the help of angels, numerology and astrology. All these are some divine tools of nature that help us to understand the spiritual signs better.


20:20 Meaning with Guardian Angels

According to the guardian angels that rule 20:20, you are somebody who works on policy on pragmatism. Pragmatism basically means that you get to a conclusion of any situation only when you have gone through every theory or facts connected with that situation. Well, for something like the business world or even some life problems can be solved instantly when you have this attitude of analyzing the situations carefully. Also, the guardian angel tells us that you have another great trait and that is the dignity that you hold on to. When you do everything keeping in mind some limits that shall not be crossed and also nobody shall be affected by your actions, things go right themselves. People will respect you and your actions. You will be trusted more by people than ever before.

Also, the guardian angels have really good news for you and that is that that special person you often think about but is not sure if the same is the case with them, do not be unsure about it anymore. That person thinks about you as well and he might have similar feelings as you as well. Just hold on to your emotions and be ready for the good that is going to happen.

The guardian angel attached to 20:20 is Umabel who symbolizes detachment. That means that you will be going through some separation period under this hour’s influence. But, all of it will happen in your favor. In the long run, you will see the intention behind such separations. Also, you will be granted with some unexpected friendships under this hour’s influence. These new friends will prosper you into someone really good and will be there with you whenever needed. You will be very close to these people in the long run. Also, you will know what truly motivates you and this will help you develop.


Numerology and astrology

The number 20 in your life will reflect you as a loyal, cooperative and effective team member. You will learn to work in a team and people will trust you a lot more than ever. You will know how working in team is much better than working alone. You will bring all the team projects to success and that is why your team members will know that they can trust you with their secrets and you will do good to them. You will see yourself expressing more than ever before. You will love yourself for this self-expression attribute that this number grants to you.

You will face both positive and negative attributes and situations in the coming time under the influence of tarot card Judgement that is connected to this double hour 20:20. You will notice yourself being judged and judge others in a slightly different way. Maybe, the way people judged you negatively earlier will change, or vice versa. Similar could be the case with you judging others as well. Something will happen to you that will feel to you like rebirth taking place. You will enjoy the change that this hour will bring. Also, self-doubt is something that this hour gets along as well. So, know how to deal with it. Just do not lose the confidence that you have.



A series of events might happen to you, all of which would neither be negative nor positive. You will see yourself in situations you have never been in and the way you get out of them will be a lesson for you as well. This might be a warning and you still have time to get prepared for it. How is the question that you need to find answers to? Just think positively and things will turn in your favor before you know it already.

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