21:12 Hour Meaning In Numerology and Angels

Mirror hours are nothing but it is just the time of the clock when the number of hours harmonizes with the number of minutes, as 03:03 or 07:07. Just like mirror hours, there is a reversed mirror hour when the clock shows the exact opposite of minutes then hours as example 12:21, 05:50. Mirror hours are also known as twin hours. According to numerology mirror hours and reverse Mirror hours, they all give us some message. If you are seeing the same time 21:12 very often from for so long, read this article and find out what’s the message for you. It can be anything about your family or creativity or idealism or optimism.


what does seeing 21-12 mean?


Reverse hour 21:12 can be the message from your angel who wants to tell you to focus on your goals. Let go of what is holding you back. You can achieve what you want just by trusting yourself and be positive about everything which can help you to achieve your goal. so, let’s see what 21:12 wants to tell us.


21-12 : Message from the Guardian Angels

The guardian angel Mehiel who is the symbol of protection and inspiration is giving you the message through 21:12. Don’t back out your Guardian angel is with you always. Try to achieve your goal without being afraid. you are not alone; He is with you to protect you from bad spirits and the evil force.

If you are a creative person with any ability like designing, writing or making something from anything you should focus on your goal, sharpen your creativity he is there to protect you. He will help you to improve your creativity, of course, you won’t notice this because it is an indirect help. He will guide you directly from heaven to improve your mental capability. Keep faith in him and turn your ideas in steps of action. The Guardian angel Mehiel is there for you always to give you the strength to achieve your dreams. For that, you have to understand the connection between the science of dreams and technology. He will give you the energy to think about the thing you want to get it done. He will help you to rebuild it up again and will give you the power to accept your failure and to overcome your problems.

Your guardian angel is telling you that things take time. Don’t be hyperactive or overexcite. You will get everything the way you want from your appraisal to your love life. Don’t underestimate your ability. You are perfect the way you are. You will get the results you want soon. Just trust yourself and have faith in the guardian angel Mehiel. He will protect you in every manner you think you are not capable of.


21:12 Meaning in Numerology

If we add 21 to 12 the total number will have been 33. In numerology 33 stands for positivity and success. It will give you such positive vibes that you can get success and it could be anything from your business operations to have a stroke of good luck in your creative hunt. You will get the help to build the relation which makes your way easier to achieve your goal.  Number 33 is linked with humanity. You may start being more generous to others. It says that you should pay more attention to develop your relations with your colleagues, you may find it easy to help them even if at your loss. Don’t be surprised if you start being a consultant to someone or a volunteer to help.

We end up with the number 33 when we add digits of 21:12 additionally shows that in spite of what changes or projects you are engaged in at this moment, they’re going to positively be well worth the effort and your guardian angel is going to be at your side to assist them to succeed. He is supporting you to get the desirable results. Through the number 33, your angel is additionally attempting to inform you that he can bring you bravery, optimism, and overenthusiastic energy. He is ensuring to allow you to understand that you simply are an individual who is blessed, loved, and supported in everything you are doing. He desires you to live your life with joy and fervor all while keeping your goals visible.


The reverse hour 21:12 signifies that you should not worry regarding your relationships with others. Numerologically and even in terms of angelic interpretations, this number means that you are going to find balance in your relationships and you are being watched over by your guardians. You can seek their wisdom for all your endeavors.

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