21:21 Double Hour Interpretation : Anticipate Great Success

Here, you will have a detailed interpretation of the mirror hour 21:21 that you might have been encountering a lot. If this was not the case, you would not be searching about this. So, this hour must seem an important sign for you. Ever wonder why? Actually, 21:21 is an event of synchronicity that has happened to you. Synchronicity is a theory described by Carls Jung which says that certain important signs are often shown to you frequently so that your subconscious takes note of it and makes you search for the message behind it. Your subconscious plays a very important role here because it is the one who does it. Our conscious mind often misses such signs. But because of the deep connection that our subconscious has with the spiritual world, it never misses it.


what does 21:21 mean when you see it on the clock?


These are the signs by the angels or the spiritual world. Also, it could be possible that only your subconscious has a message for you. These messages are important and hence we use the best tools that give us the most accurate information about this hour. These tools are actually very important in terms of the spiritual world and hence are best for such kind of information. We will only provide you with the information, the message behind it shall be interpreted by you only.


Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 21:21

21:21 is a great blessing for you and your relationships according to the guardian angels. Be it your family or some loved ones, you will receive a lot of love. Also, guardian angels tell us that you are somebody who would do anything for your family. Your family is the most important factor in your life. This is a very positive thing that you have got. But, one negative prospect in you that we see through guardian angels and this hour is that you are very dependable on others. Even your family. Well, trusting people is one thing and to be totally dependent on them is another. Try to be a bit self-dependent and trust in yourself. You are actually the only one who can make or destroy your future in petty seconds. So, start working for one as well.

Also, it is good if you know that fulfilling your duties and commitments are very important. You cannot be careless with your responsibilities in the workplace or in your personal life. Anything else shall be secondary and the duties that you have to obey must be your priority. This period when 21:21 affects you will be your healing period. Be it emotional damage or any physical damage, you will get through it. Also, you will see that business loss that you incurred in recent times from a different point of view and consider it as collateral damage that every business needs to go through. Also, the guardian angels have a suggestion for your love life as well. They tell you to take the first step if you are sure that this is something you want.

Also, with the help of eternal angel Damabiah, you will be blessed with wisdom and beauty. Well, wisdom to knowledge and beauty to understand people. Both of these are really important for one’s social life, professional life, and also personal life. If you have the knowledge, you can conquer the career phase of your life and also if you have an art to understand people better, you will be satisfied with the people around you because you will know them and understand how they are. This angel also gets you kindness and subtlety. If you are kind enough to others, you can seek for help very easily and nobody would ever say no.


Astrological and numerological meaning

The numbers 4 and 2 in 42 signifies the success and failures in your life. This number is very lucky in terms of business but requires you to avoid any kind of friendship with the people connected with number 3 as their birthdate. The tarot card connected with this hour is World. As the name suggests, this tarot card gives you all the happiness. This tarot card is the luckiest of all and you are lucky enough to be under its influence.

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This number is a sign of some great success awaiting you. But, it will still require you to put effort for that to happen. You will know the right decisions that you have to make and you will be heading towards them with grace. You will be able to convince people in the right way and they will be a great help to you. Just do everything that you can come to closer to your goals. Remember, only the efforts that you put in will take the shape of something successful. Otherwise, luck does not always support you.

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