33 Angel Number Meaning – What Does 33 Mean In Bible and Numerology

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There is so much more to the angel 33; it is not just a random number that you might be seeing so many times in a day. Maybe you are noticing it everywhere you go, and you might be curious about knowing more about it. In case you have no clue about it, then you should know that it refers to the messages from your angels that you are supposed to decipher right now. Angel number 33 is referring to the vibrations of the number three; they are magnified doubly. If you still do not get it then it means that you can also apply these messages in the same levels upon your daily life. The influence of these messages upon your life have a huge impact.

what does 33 mean in numerology and bible

The symbolism of angel number 33

Angel number 33 signifies growth, advancement, increase, and expansion. Let’s get into more details about its meaning and application to get a better understanding.

Getting into the meaning of Angel number 33, it is a vibration of 3 number, and it appears twice, which means that it is increasing the influence and significance. Talking about number 3 only, then it means an increase, expansion, broad-minded thinking, encouragement, spontaneity, communication, assistance, talents or any skill, self-expressions, and manifestation. The number 3 is used twice which means all of these meanings have an increased significance and influence. Combining two 3 makes Angel 33, which is referring to honesty, inspiration discipline, blessings, inspiration, and bravery.


The meaning of Angel Number 33

The meaning of Angel number 33, and the message that it brings is that everything is possible or one can say that things are possible. It is the lesson of your life that whatever you are doing in life can be possible or in other words, nothing is impossible. The number 33 is also known as the master number that has a connection with the Ascended Masters, and if we talk about the repeated message of angel number 33 then it means that the Ascended Masters are there to assist you, they exist in your surroundings in order to guide you the path and for better assistance.


What does seeing 33 mean?

In case you see any signs of angel number 33, then you should know that it is motivation and encouragement to live with enthusiasm and optimism. If you are in the worst situation, then you should know that you are not alone, you have a complete support system around you not only that you are loved and well blessed in all that you are doing.


Angel number 33 Doreen virtue

Although there are many interesting facts to consider about the Angel number 33, Doreen Virtue has been referred as a message from the angels that are concerned with the actions, changes, and positive projects. It can also refer to the changes that are under consideration and are of worth. You will be getting assistance when you are doing those projects. Doreen Virtue explained in her book “Angel Number 101”, also she has outlined the angel numbers in sequence. She has also talked about the angel number 33 as a message indication of bravery, blessing, enthusiasm, and assistance from the angels.

Angel number 33 as a sacred message or number

As we have mentioned earlier, it is a message that encourages and motivates you to live to your fullest. You need to keep this in mind that such encouragement and motivation should make you live with strength, enthusiasm, and optimism. It is further giving a sign of a life of abundance, cosmopolitan, and charisma in the society. One of the interesting facts is related to the mystical societies because they are said to be connected to 33 number is Masonic lodges. They are responsible for affecting the political trends and economic trends of the world. This further means that the level 33 is the degree of masonry.

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However, the people that are achieving that level are holding higher positions socially and politically. So, the angel number 33 is also referred as to be the sacred number of masonry for centuries. The number 3 is used twice which means that its repetition has a great significance, which is Holy Trinity. This also means that you will be given help and assistance, not only that but a protection forms the divine along with the guidance that is given to you from your angels. If you are one of those people that have lost their faith and they think that their life has no compass and are left alone for misery, it is that the angel number 33 commonly appears to such individuals.

This number also signifies that you are not supposed to lose hope in the faith, you can always make things right by finding love and achieving the goals in life. Whenever you are sent an indication from the angels it is in the form of a number with vibrations, for instance, the number 33, it makes you find your lost faith and connection with Ascended Masters and the God. The divine power develops that connection with you, which you thought to be lost. In case you are given a sign or indication with the angel number 33 then you should know that you are at the point of significant creative breakthrough.


Angel number 33 love and twin flame

It is an indication of understanding and love that attaches you with the soul-mate or the twin flame. In case you are in a relationship and you are receiving’s many indications of number 33, then it means that you are going to experience deep love for and from your partner. Your connection with your soul mate will be more strengthened and your gals of understanding will be achieved soon.

The number indicates that you are supported in your relationship and its goals. The twin flames or the soul-mate may be an indication of a deeper love and understanding in your love life.


33 biblical meaning

In the bible, the number 33 is related to the promises made by the divine. For instance, talking about the 33rd time the name of Noah being used in the Scripture of the Bible is one of the special promises made by the divine power to him. This promise is eternal, and the context of the promise is protecting the earth from the flood, the promise us not to destroy the world due to the flood. To some point, it is also mentioned that the Divine expressed the sign of rainbow for this initiate.

If we talk about one of the examples, then it is the name of Ibraham as it is used in the Bible as 33rd time. Talking in that context, the promise is related to the birth of a child who is born to Ibraham when he was 99 years old. This means that number 33 is significant in the revealed book, the total number of times when the number 3 is used in the Bible is also 33. If you know about the fact that 33 also indicates the judgment of Gods because the product of number 3 times eleven is 33.

In the Bible, the number 33 has also referred to the final Day of Judgment that is meant to be happening in the three and one-half year and will be resulting in the Jesus Christ’s second arrival. Talking about the Biblical importance of the number 33 is seen significantly in the fact that the Jesus died at the age of 33. Apart from that the sacrifice that was made by the Jesus also took place in 30 A.D. and was more than a sacrifice because it was a result of prophecies of people that were made against the promises of the Divine.



Angel number 33 is a clear message from your angels that one should never give up on their goals and purposes in life, and they will be achieving whatever they want because it is not impossible.

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