666 Angel Number Meaning – Is 666 The Mark of The Beast?

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Have you ever seen three digits of 666? If yes! Then what was your prediction about that? Did you think of a message from some forces? Maybe someday you are out with your friends and one of them turn on the radio and it is 66.6 FM, then you all went to a restaurant and paid the bill of 66.6$. Later at a grocery store, you again got the bill of $6.66. It seems that these numbers are continuously following you. Angel number 666 may be a good message from your angels or a warning. You just have to focus on real meaning behind these numbers. Continue to read this article for better understanding of angel number 666.

what does 666 mean in numerology and bible

What does 666 mean in numerology?

Angel number 666 comprises of different numerical components with their own meanings and energetic vibrations which when combined, waves of a different frequency is emitted through them. To understand exact meaning of angel number 666, one needs to analyze special energy associated with numbers comprising 666 i.e. number 6 and number 9.

An important concept related to Angel Number 666 is that it is considered as “a mark of the devil”, that is it holds a negative implication like a devil’s number. This cannot be far from the truth.  When main components of this number are added, they give 18, and 18 reduces to 9, which has spiritual importance in numerology. Number 6 is the most harmonious of all prime numbers.

In numerology, number 6 refers to  “nurturer”. It emits energetic vibrations of selflessness, family, unconditional love, protection, and natural wisdom. Energies of all these attributes create peace in the physical realm as number 6 possess most loving energies of all the single digit numbers.

Number 9 is related to this angel number as follows; adding 6, 6 and 6 gives 18 which reduce to 9. Out of all single digit numbers, this number (number 9) has the most spiritual enlightening frequency. It refers to services to others, missions of soul and the real purpose of life. It also represents spirituality, illumination, selflessness, awakening and the universal laws. This number is all about love and humanity, helping others and making this planet (Earth) a better place to live.


Spiritual meaning and symbolism

Angel number 666 symbolizes for peace, calmness, humanity, enlightening, awareness, selflessness, spiritual realm, wisdom, love, honesty, curiosity, peace, balance, and much more.

It is a general perception that our guiding angels provide their piece of advice to us by communicating with us through the best way they have and the best way is angel numbers. Angel number 666 is a strong depiction of strength, so this number is able to strengthen the ruling power of people. 6 in middle show calmness, smoothness, and reassurance to those who are broken. This number is also related to the changes that are about to arrive in the lives of people.


Twin flame and love

Angel number 666 is a guide to help your partner. It is a guide to take necessary steps for a relationship and helping your partner to overcome past conflicts. It is a guide to provide a feeling of calmness and reassurance to your partner that you are with him at any step or stage of life. You will always remain by his side and provide him protection.

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Repetition of number 6 means you want to have complete control of your relationship and wish those to be creative or fertile.


666 angel number biblical meaning

This number is also related to uniqueness as it is a blend of various energies of attributes of life. These energies are needed to be acquired by persons time to time. These energies include energies of uniqueness, calmness, honesty, curiosity, love, balance, peace, humanity and much more. This number is also a motivation to have trust in the decisions of the universe and your guiding angels who are always by your side to help you in every thick and thin. They always lift you up in difficult times. This number is also an indication to provoke your thoughts for concern of material things but what you have to do is to focus on realities of this universe which are sometimes so bitter to swallow.


Dream meaning

The appearance of this number sequence is a reminder that you have been preoccupied by materials of this world and not by the realistic approach of this world. Your guiding angels are trying to remind you that wealth is not the only important thing in life; there are also many other things. You should not focus on your house, your car, your bank balance, and other collectibles but your main objective is to focus on real purpose of your life and mission of your soul. Materialistic concerns are temporary; your spiritual afterlife is permanent. Therefore, stay in touch with the Divine master.


Angel number 666 Doreen Virtue

Doreen, a Christian writer, also tells us how to understand the meanings that are hidden in these angel numbers. Sometimes it can be as simple as an additional sum for a kindergarten class and sometimes it is much complicated but through some effort and hard work, you can easily understand their meanings. You might see these numbers in street address of house which is rented by your friend recently or in address of house you bought for you. Or might see these numbers in your dreams in recurring nights. Once you can understand these numbers they will become clear to you and you can easily communicate with your guiding angels who are always there to support you, to guide you and to help you always, all we have to do is to listen to them and follow their piece of advice.



As a conclusive note, I would like to write that spiritual awareness is much needed to achieve the real purpose of life and missions of soul. Material possessions are temporary while spiritual awareness is permanent, so make you strong spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Think realistically and come out of your fantasy. Try to face the reality as it is required to live a better and contented life in this wicked world.

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