Angel Number 555 Spiritual and Biblical Meaning – What Does 555 Mean?

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If you have been waking up for a while to discover that it is 5:55 in the morning while your alarm was programmed to set off at 6, or you are opening your television after a busy day to relax for a while with your family and find channel number 555 staring from your screen, or you eagerly look at the office clock after a tiring day at office waiting to go home at 6 and realize its only 5:55 p.m. and so you will need to wait for 5 minutes more, if such incidents are occurring with you repetitively where you find yourself looking at the angel number 555 again and yet again, then it’s the higher powers trying to communicate with you.

Yes, it kind of happens all the time with one person or another, so don’t feel surprised. When the angels believe that we are losing sight of our purpose and going awry from our way then they send us numbers to help us return to our right paths. These angel numbers help us in distinguishing our rights from wrongs; they help us by telling what is it that we must be worried about, indicating us towards the right people and hinting us towards what our future is turning into.

what does 555 mean?

So in this article, we help you decipher what is the hidden message that you are being sent in the form of number 555. Ready? Come on let’s dive in!


What Does 555 Mean Spiritually In Numerology?

Every number has something to tell us, and each of them is trying to indicate us towards something. Now it is up to you to learn to understand what that message is. So what is the number 555 saying? Let’s learn.

In the number 555, the digit 5 is being repeated thrice. And as we have told you on several occasions when a digit is repeated, numerologically its importance is magnified. Now in the number 555 since the digit five is repeated thrice so its value is also increased thrice.

Now the number 5 is the number of change. It may signify both big life-transforming changes and small routine changes. But whatever be the case if the digit 5 is repeating in your life then something is definitely going to change, be sure of it. This number also may appear before you in order to ask you to take some risks and to embrace this change with open arms. Do not worry, everything will turn out for the best. This digit is also a number of spiritual enlightenment so if 5 has been haunting your life for a while then it might be telling you that you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey.

The numerology of number 5 stands for the five senses which are again always changing. So the angel number 555 also signifies change. But this change is not necessarily going to be bad. In fact, chances are that the change will turn everything in your favor. This number also asks one to hear to his\her inner voice as it will prove helpful in dealing with the change and in making the right decisions.


What Is the Biblical Meaning Of The Angel Number 555?

In the Bible, the number 555 stands for both good and bad. Well come on you do know our world also works on the balance of good and bad. There is nothing scary about it. Now let’s first begin with the good parts. In the Bible, the number 555 stands for mercy and grace. It spreads the message that all the things in the world represent God’s graciousness and as soon as you will accept this fact, your suffering will end.

5 is also the number of learning. How is that you ask? Well let’s see, Book of Psalms consists of 5 sections and then there are 5 books of God’s Law. John the Apostle wrote 5 books describing the graciousness of the Lord and Moses has also left behind him 5 books. So, one can consider that number 5 stands for knowledge and faith.  Number 5 is also connected to Jesus as his name consists of 5 letters and the Bible describes how Jesus used 5 bread loaves in order to feed five thousand people.

Now let’s skip to the negative part. Ready for it? Now it has been mentioned in the Bible that Jesus was wounded by the Roman soldiers 5 times, so this number is considered as antichrist by some. Moreover, the number 5 is also used in the Bible in connection to Sin and corruption. The 5th king of Israel was corrupt and killed his own master. The fifth king of the Hebrews was also the worst king they saw. In relation to this, the number 5 is also seen as connected to death.

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The Doreen Virtue of the Number 555

Let’s explore the Doreen virtue of angel number 555.

According to Doreen Virtue, the number 555 suggests that the change is coming for you irrespective of the fact that you like it or not. Have you ever heard the famous phrase that says, change is the only permanent thing in this world. Well, this is as true as the fact that the sun rises in the east every morning.

Doreen virtue suggests that the change that is inevitably coming for you is significant for you. And instead of seeing it as a problem for which you will try finding a solution, look at it as an opportunity to break out from the mundane. We know how much you like your routine, but have you noticed that this routine is monotonous and is eating away your spirit. But if you will welcome the change it will reignite the fire in you and bring back the old flame.

Now in some cases, people who have encountered and mastered the big change still see the number 555. This could mean a couple of things. Firstly it could be the symbol communicating to you that you are on the right path. Secondly, the angel number 555 could still be appearing before you to tell you to let go of the past. It might be hinting you towards the fact that sticking to the past is not going to help you in the long run. Nothing is left there from which you can learn and so there is a need for you to move on.

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Angel Number 555 and The Twin Flame

Excited to know what does the angel number 555 says in relation to the twin flame. Well, come on let us discover.

We ourselves are responsible for our happiness. If we are ready to work for achieving our happiness then there is nothing that is stopping us from being happy. The number 555 suggests that you and your twin flame should work for that happiness and decide how you are going to go about it. In other words, discuss and decide how you aim to achieve your truer happiness together.

Another thing that the appearance of the angel number 555 might be trying to convey to you is that both you and your partner have performed good deeds and the Universe is now going to offer you rewards. Keep your eyes open and the opportunities will soon present themselves before you.

Lastly coming across the angel number 555 might be hinting you towards the lesson that now that you are happy it’s your responsibility to care for the happiness of others. This number is an indication for you to act with kindness, love, and support towards others. Doing this will give you both joy and peace.


What Does Seeing 555 Mean?

The appearance of the angel number 555 reminds you that you have a life’s purpose, an ultimate goal that you need to fulfill. You are part of God’s creation and creation is a continuous cycle. Now it is time for you to contribute your bit to this creation.

●       Angel number 555 as we have already talked about signals change. So be prepared for it. Believe in your angels, in the end, you are going to be nothing but grateful for it.



If you are contemplating to take a big step that will significantly change your life then the appearance of the angel number might be suggestive of the fact that the change you are thinking about should be manifested in action. Trust your instincts and trust the signs, leave the rest to your angels. The mountains will be moved and the winds will be reversed if that is what will prove good for you.

So the angel number 555 can’t be surely said to be an indicator of good or bad. But the one thing that can be surely said about this number is that it symbolizes change. Now if you will see this change as an opportunity then good things and significant lessons will surely come your way.

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