Angel Number 707 Meaning – Why You Keep Seeing Numbers 707

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Today as I woke up and looked across the bed at my table clock it read 7:07 a.m., then as I got ready and moving for my office and was in my car my radio announced the candidate number 707 to be the winner, then as I was in my cubicle going over my files a red-colored folder with the number 707 written on its corner grabbed my attention and finally when I was home helping my kids with their homework they asked what was 707 added to 854. That was it, in a single day I have had come across the number 707 at least four times. I was sure this cannot be a mere coincidence, so I grabbed my laptop and researched on the angel number 707 and I found out some really interesting facts. If something similar to this has happened to you too then I know how much you want to unravel the mystery behind this occurrence. Hence in this article, I will share with you my findings and help you learn what the angel number 707 has been trying to tell you. Come on, let’s charge in!

spiritual meaning of angel number 707

What Is The Spiritual meaning of these Digits in numerology ?

In order to decode the message hidden in these digits the first step that we will have to take is to understand the numerological significance behind this sequence. Let’s begin.

Angel number 707 consists of two digits, that is 0 and 7. The digit 7 is repeated twice in this sequence which doubles its significance. Also, the digit 0 plays the role of intensifier which is to say that the presence of 0 in a number amplifies the significance of other numbers. So here the strength of the digit 7 is further magnified.  Now upon adding the numbers in the angel number 707, we get 7 + 0 + 7 = 14, which is further reduced to 1 +4 = 5.

The number 0 symbolizes the force of God and spiritual energy. It is considered as the Alpha and Omega that is the beginning and the highest. It represents wholeness, completeness, oneness, etc. Another important fact about the digit 0 is that because of its circular shape it is understood to have no beginning or end. Thus it represents nothing and everything. This is also read by some people to signify the completion and end of one phase of life and the beginning of yet another. In order to know more about the divinity of the digit 0, you can also read our article on angel number 0000.

Next comes the digit 7 which are surrounding the number 0. Now 7 is representative of psychic and hence stands for gifts and abilities that one has. It is a number of learning and knowledge which basically means that its appearance before someone suggests that the person is being told to hold on to because the road he is walking on is meant to teach him something important. 7 also stands for spirituality and hidden knowledge and can be indicative of lies that surround a person. So beware.

The sum of the digits in the sequence is 5. This number represents independence and freedom, but it also reminds one that this freedom comes at a cost. You have to be ready to face the challenges.

Hence, the angel number 707 tells you that the journey you are on is not going to be easy but you have to be patient through it and learn the lessons you are supposed to. Only if you learn these lessons can you become successful in the future?

What Do The Cards Say About the Digits?

In the world of cards, the digit 0 is read as representative of the Fool, someone who is about to begin on a new road but doesn’t know where his journey ends. Someone who doesn’t knows where he is headed.

The number 7 in the angel number 707 in the tarot cards is connected to The Chariot which symbolizes willpower and determination that comes as a result of being enlightened of who we are.

What Does Angel Number 707 announce For Love?

Relationships work on trust and forgiveness. Making mistakes while being together is inevitable. So what can you do for that? The answer is you can learn to forgive and forego. Yes, when you already know that your partner is a mere mortal and bound to make mistakes at some point in his\her life then the best thing you can do is to forgive him\her for those mistakes. Angel number 707 reminds partners of just that.

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Moreover, forgiving doesn’t only mean to accept the other person’s apology on the face. No, it means more than just that. It means to truly let go of the past and forgive your partner from your heart. If every time your partner does something that hurts you, and you open up the past and remind him\her of what he did wrong then, then this my dear friend is not forgiving. Hence learn to forgive and to let go and your relationship will take a turn for better.

The symbolism of the Angel Number 707

●       The appearance of the angel number 707 is to remind you that the work you are doing for your spiritual enlightenment is appreciated by the angels.

●       It reminds you that you are in alignment with God’s plan.

●       Angel number 707 may mean to tell you to explore your choices and desires further. Is there anything more that you wish for? If yes, then why the delay.

What Does It Mean If You Keep Seeing Angel Number 707 ?

●       Do not let society decide what you are capable of

The society that we live in try to limit us often. It keeps telling us that we are not capable of doing certain things, maybe because we lack certain talents or because something is restricted by our society. For example, if you belonged to upper class in the 19th century England then you would know that the women during those times were not allowed to work and earn their own living simply because the society did not think them capable of doing it.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation and the angel number 707 keeps finding its way to you then the message your angels are trying to deliver you is to not give up. 707 is reminding you that you have an abundance of talent, so much so that even you are not aware of it truly. And if you will keep trying and believing in yourself then you will definitely succeed.

●       Do not be rigid in accepting new lessons.

Life is an ongoing journey where every day brings a new experience. With every new experience, there is a new lesson. All you have to do is to welcome those learnings and apply them in your life. Angel number 707 reminds you to not rigidly dismiss those lessons simply because they do not match your ideas of how things should work. Even if what your experiences are teaching you is different from what you have been told since your childhood, accept the new lessons and soon you will learn to fly.

●       Your opinions are important

Are you one of those people who are hesitant to share your opinions or advice with other people because you believe that your opinion doesn’t hold as much weight as other people’s opinions? If that is the case then the angel number 707 comes to remind you that this is simply stupid. This number tells you that as long as you know that an opinion has come from your heart and you are strong enough to bear the brunt of its consequences you should definitely share your thoughts.

●       Listen to your intuition before making a decision

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are provided with all the information but you still have an institution that something is missing and hence can’t find it within you to make that decision. If in such a situation you come across the angel number 707 then maybe your guardian angels are trying to tell you to go with your instincts. If you will do that, chances are your intuition will lead you to some hidden knowledge.

●       Accept who you are

Angel number 707 reminds you to accept yourself. What does that mean? Have you admired people for their ability to take strong and firm decisions? Do you wonder what is the source of their strength? That strength my friend is not something you are born with, but rather something that you develop in yourself. If you want to develop that strength then the first thing that you will have to do is to accept yourself as who you are without feeling ashamed. Once you do that only then you can assess yourself truly, and only then you will become able to take firm decisions.


Angel number 707 from your angels is to signal that your path may be getting tough, but the lessons that you will learn from that will be for your own good. It tells you to forgive. And it reminds you to accept yourself. Angel Number 707 also reminds one to not accept the limiting beliefs since only you know what you are capable of.

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