17:17 Hour : Focus on Your Skills – Meaning in Numerology and Tarot

Here you will know what this double hour 17:17 means and signifies. Why are you looking for this hour? Why are you looking for this specific hour? Why has any of it happened to you? Is this theory of double hours true? Well, the answers to all these questions are your subconscious. All of it has happened because your subconscious wanted to. None of it could have happened if your conscious mind had the power. But, in case of the signs, it is your subconscious who takes note of them. Because your conscious mind often misses these signs. And why do your subconscious notices them? Your subconscious actually has a connection with the spiritual world and it knows when to make you concentrate on some things. So, these are not really the messages by your subconscious but by the entity or spiritual world or by the angels. It is very important for you to know why these messages and signs are important because they are shown to you with an intention. It could tell you to go ahead with the ideas that you have, or maybe it could be a good time to construct a building, or maybe somebody is in love with you.

what does 17-17 mean?

When you experience such an event, it is because of the synchronicity that has happened to you. What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is a theory described by the famous spiritualist which means that if you encounter a situation where there is some sign that could be important to you, your subconscious takes note of it and that is what synchronicity means. Also, if you have come across such sign, it might have a different meaning for everybody. It is upon you how you understand that sign and interpret it in a way that it could be related to you. Here, we are going to give you that information which will be enough if you interpret it in the right way. We will do this with the help of a few resources that are angels, numerology and tarot card. All these resources are powerful tools of the spiritual world and they help you to understand things better. You will also come across these tools many times in your life.


What do angels say about 17:17?

The guardian angels looking at this hour tells you to go through some introspection. You need to know why things around you are going wrong for long and the only way for that is if you sit and introspect yourself. Introspect your actions and emotions. Firstly, actions you take that is what you do with all the situations that come across and secondly how you feel about things. Emotions are actually really important because you do what you feel. Unless, if you are somebody who does not follow their heart, you really should not care about emotions. Also, analyze your life. And by analyze, what the angels mean is that see how people around you affect you and what opportunities are there in front of you that you are missing.

The guardian angel Imamiah affects this hour. This tells us that the attributes and qualities that it grants you are the ones that are very important to you. Those attributes are protection and respect. Yes, as a person you protect everybody that you love and is always there for everybody. Why do you do this? Because you seek respect. Money or any materialistic thing does not matter to you, but it is only respect that matters to you. Also, the angels tell us that you should be aware because your relationship might face some disputes in the coming time. Conquer them with grace because these are some important tests that you need to pass to be sure that the relationship is worth spending time and emotions.


The Meaning of 17:17 in numerology and astrology

Number 34 is a very powerful number. It combines the energies of one of the most powerful numbers in numerology, 3 and 4. This number is really lucky. It welcomes expansion in your life. It could be an expansion in your business, emotions or anything. It indicates an opportunity that nobody should miss. Also, it tells you to focus on your communication skills because if you communicate with people, you welcome opinions and ideas that can really help you to develop.

The tarot card Star connected to this number gives you hope and purpose. If you have a hope to do something and know why it is important, you basically have everything you need.



17:17 basically develops creativity within you and hence you will have many ideas popping up. So, take this opportunity seriously and work on it. Also, it appreciates renewal in your life.

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