Numerology Compatibility For Relationships and Marriage

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The success of every relationship is contingent upon the subjects compatibility, especially romantic relationships. How compatible you are with your partner is what is going to define your relationship with him or her.  A lot is at stake when making the choice of a partner. Are you going to find respect in your relationship? Is your relationship going to last long? What are your deal breakers in a relationship? What ingredients are you looking for in a relationship? These are practical questions that only an experiment can answer in real life. But thanks to the numerology compatibility test, you can figure out everything without going through the process of any relationship.

numerology compatibility using life path numbers

Mistake of a life partner can be very costly in life. Many never recover from it after taking the wrong step. Abuse and domestic violence are becoming predominant in most marriages and relationships today. Many people especially women who are more vulnerable are victims of abuse in relationships. Many women today are single mothers due to the wrong choice of spouses. Some marriages fail just because the couple can’t find any fire in their relationship. Marriage or relationship of any kind should provide happiness and fulfilment. Messy Divorces have ruined career of many men and women. Marriage is supposed to be a life contract and forever is too long to be unhappy.

Knowing your compatibility through numerology

To determine your compatibility especially for a romantic relationship; the key parameter to analyse is life path number. It is the key number to check for relationship in any numerological chart. Life path number of an individual is the parameter that lay bare all struggles and opportunities that lies ahead for him or her. All the opportunities, challenges that await you and your personality are revealed on your life path number.

How to calculate your life path number?

The first step is to find out what your life path number is. Next is to outline your date of birth. For instance; if you were born on 23rd December;1992. You have to reduce all these digits into a single number. First, you take day which is 23 and reduce it to a single digit. 2+3=5 next you take month which is 12 and reduce it to a single digit. 1+2=3. Up next is year which is 1992 and you do same to it 1+9+9+2=21, and then reduce 21 to single digit 2+1=3. To find your path number, sum up all the resultant figures. 5+3+3=11. Now reduce 11 to single digit 1+1=2. 2 is your life path number.

Every life path number has a certain distinguishing character and by the character associated with life path numbers, you can be able to tell the kind of partner that fits you. The following are the values and distinguishing feature of every life path number:

 life path number 1

An individual with life number is usually bossy, independent, and always loves to be in control. Life path number 1 individuals are abundantly confident and at every given opportunity, they try to take charge of things. They have no problem voicing their opinions at all time. The linkup between 1 life path and another 1 life path doesn’t usually work out. It’s like a single kingdom with two kings. One will always try to dominate the other and being birds of same feather; the relationship will crash eventually. The best link up for 1 is 3 and 5. These two categories are the most likely to put up with 1 life path family.

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 life path number 2

Individuals with 2 life path have a diplomatic character. They are always open to dialogue and productive partnerships. Also, being diplomats, they can be manipulative to get their way. If you belong to this family, your most compatible partner should be either 8 or 9. However; the compassionate and understanding 9 will make a better bet over the ambitious and successful 8. More so, family oriented 6 life path will also make a very good partner. But the flirty 5 life path may leave you heartbroken after a steamy romantic relationship. They are not the types that settle for long term relationship.

 life path number 3

Individuals with 3 life path are social, ill disciplined and adventurous. They are usually fun to be with, no dull moment with such personalities. The unsettled 5 can make a good partner for 3 owing to their adventurous and free nature. The disciplined and serious 4 is no go for 3 life path.

 life path number 4

4 life path individuals are disciplined, serious minded and principled. Their need for a trustworthy, long lasting relationship will never make them suitable for unsettled 3 and adventurous 5. The highly ambitious and business minded 8 will make a good partner for 4. The family focused 6 is also a sure bet for 4.

life path number 5

5 life path individuals are dynamic. They are restless and always yearn for adventure. The best hooks up for 5’s are 7 and 5. 5’s are like minded and suit each other in every sense. The protective and family oriented 6 will also make a good choice. However, linking up with the steady 4 will turn out disastrous. 5 life path find them boring.

life path number 6

6 life path are the patient ones. They are usually family oriented and always aim for a long lasting relationship. They are always willing to sacrifice their all for family.  6 life path will make an excellent partner for bossy 1, diplomatic 2, disciplined 4, ambitious 8, and the understanding 9. But it’s important to stay away from 5, 3, and 7.

life path number 7

Individuals with 7 life path are least likely ever to get married. They are too demanding. They always want the perfect partner. They are full of their selves and usually marry late in life. 7’s are more likely to settle down with 3’s and the challenging 5’s.

life path number 8

The 8 life path individuals are visionary, ambitious and business minded. They usually have sophisticated choices. They always settle for partners who understand their schedules and whom they can exercise some level of control over. The 6 life path will make a good partner for 8. Another good choice for 8 is also the serious minded 4. Independent 1 is not an option. 5 and 3 are also not compatible partners for 8.

life path number 9

Humanitarian and compassionate 9 always take a careful approach in any relationship. They are very private people. To learn more about them you have to earn their trust. 9 life path can be compatible with the family oriented 6. Serious minded 4 is also another solid option.


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