Numerology Meaning and How To Calculate Your Numerology Birth Date?

Everywhere we look today; there are numbers. Whether they are addresses or simply your day of birth, you would constantly have to deal with numbers throughout your life. So what if I tell you that those numbers that are personal or you deal with every day have some form of effect in your life? Would you be shocked? This is where the art of numerology would come into play. What is numerology and what effect can it play in your life? Here is a comprehensive guide to understand numerology meaning.

what is numerology

Numerology meaning

Numerology has to do with patterns and symbols. These symbols would usually come in the form of letters or alphabets. These numbers have their vibrations and frequency which affects the way we live out our lives. There are various variations of numerology. Some of the more popular numerologies, however, would be the Pythagoras and Chaldean numerology.

These numerologies would give you a good idea of how things such as your birthdate and the address of where you live can have an immense effect on your life. Ready to learn more about numerology? Let’s get started with your date of birth.


How to calculate your numerology birth day?

Now calculating your date of birth and the vibrations which it emits is the first thing you can do when you are reading about numerology. The key or the aim of numerology is making sure that each number is reduced to the very last root. So this means that every number such as 10 upwards would have to be reduced to a single number. That single number is often referred to as the life path number. It is important to note that some numbers are usually excluded as they are often referred to as the master numbers. Numbers that are duplicated, especially 11 and 22 would often fall into this category.

From your life path number, you would be able to get a lot of details about your life. Such things like your personality and your ambitions can be revealed through your life path number. Life path number can reveal personal data about you like strength, weaknesses, and even events you are going to experience in future. More so, life path number will reveal the reason behind any experience you had or may encounter. With life path number, you have really got your world at your palm. Nothing about your life will ever remain mysterious to you. So how do you know your life path number? Let’s take an example.

Supposed you were born on the 20th day of April 1998. To find your life path number, you have to reduce every figure involved in a single digit. Then you sum up all the resultant single digit. If you are able to arrive at a single digit, that’s your life path number. But if you arrive at double digit, you have to also reduce it to a single number.

You are going to reduce the month of your birth to a single figure first. But since the month is 4, you are good to go with it since it’s a single digit already. Up next you reduce the day of birth which is 20 to a single number. 2+0=2. Next you reduce the year which is 1998 to single number also 1+9+9+8=27. Then since 27 is double figure also, you have to reduce it again. 2+7=9. This would be 27. Now that all the parameters are single digit; you are going to add them up all. 4+2+9=15. Now, reduce 15 to a single number. 1+5=6. Done! 6 is your life path number. Isn’t this magically simple?

Numbers meaning in numerology

So the question on your mind now would be revolving around the meaning of those figures. Let us see if we can get all of them on board;


The number one is often linked to a measure of independence. It would also show someone who has a lot of leadership qualities and is capable of leading. However, be careful, these qualities can lead you to be more demanding and a source of irritation to others.


With this number, you can expect a lot of sensitivity as it is often linked to love and harmony. However, this number would often become angry and bitter as it has feelings of lack of appreciation deep within.


For number three, they would have to communicate and be creative a great deal throughout their life journey. They would also be more interested in seeing others happy. However, they tend to become moody or withdraw whenever they feel that they are misunderstood.


Four is all about hard work and practicality. You can expect those with this number to be responsible persons that can build an empire over time. However, their rigidity and stubbornness can become a problem at the end of the day.


These are known to be very adventurous and free beings. They are often found seeking their spark of innovation and look to experiences as a form of enjoyment. However, their adventurous spirit would often mean they would become impatient and may have periodic bursts of anger.


People with number six would often delve into the medical profession or would become healers. This is due to their nature which emphasizes empathy. They would have a deep affection for those who are close to them. However, their often affectionate behavior may be irritating to other persons.


The number seven is known to be a detective and would be effective at investigations. Persons with this number would lean toward inventions. The adverse side of this number would be their need to be perfectionists.


These are talented and focused on their goals. They would also be quite adept with leadership positions and would attain a high level of wealth during their lives. However, they are prone to working too hard and having a level of possessive behavior which can be overbearing for most persons.


The nine seeks to attain the height of consciousness. It is often referred to as the old soul and is more interested in learning more about life and the true state of things. Simply put, they have a very high spiritual consciousness. However, sometimes, they can move away from the reality of things and focus on things that are simply non-existent.


There are so many things about numerology that would open you to new opportunities and understanding more about yourself and the life that you are meant to live. Just understanding your birth date can bring untold blessings for you. So make sure you know more about numerology. It will enable you to live the best life possible for you.

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