Why Do I keep Seeing Repeating Numbers? – Angel Numbers Meaning

Why does seeing repeating numbers really mean? You are sleeping peacefully and something wakes you up suddenly middle of the night. You reach to your clock and see its 2:22 am. As you leave home for office; you come across a car and immediately, your attention was drawn to the car’s license plate and it read 222. Later in the day, you ordered for lunch and it was delivered to you at exactly 2:22. And then it keeps on occurring again and again. 222 keep occurring. At some point in time, you may begin to wonder whether these series of digit are not occurring by chance.

seeing repeating numbers spiritual meaning

You may keep asking yourself why you keep seeing these set of numbers consistently. What could be the meaning behind them? Well to answer your question; those set of numbers are not ordinary numbers. They are appearing to you for a reason and there’s a meaning behind them. What are these numbers and what message are they trying to convey to me? Those repeating numbers that keep appearing across your path are message from your angels and they are called angel numbers.

What are angel numbers (repeating numbers?)

We all have angels watching us. Every individual got at least three assigned to him or her. They are there for our guidance and protection. They are messengers from ultimate source of divine power. Being supernatural creatures, they remain invisible to our sight. They are responsible for the repeating numbers that keep occurring in your life. It’s their way of communicating to us. They can’t reach out to you via the conventional methods humans communicate. Every set of digit we receive from them carry a specific meaning. It’s your duty as the recipient to figure out what message your numbers carry.

Angel numbers are series of digit that convey divine messages that are intended to change our lives. Each angel number draws it meaning by making reference to science of numbers. In the realm of numerology, every number carries a specific vibration frequency that resonates with the divine world. Angel numbers are like a guide sent to us by our guardian angels. However, heeding angels counsel is not compulsory. Their obligation is to point you in the right direction. What you do with their instruction is completely your decision to make.

Why do angels reach out to us?

There are several reasons why angels interact with the human world. They are like guardian angels for humanity. They are been sent by the almighty for several kinds of reasons. Their influence in our lives knows no boundary. In most cases, they are sent to deliver messages like:

Warning: many a times we humans find ourselves treading on dangerous paths. If nothing is done, irreparable harm may afflict us. But because our angels are there for our protection and being celestial creatures; they are aware of what lies ahead of us in the future. They will be sent to warn us about the imminent danger. If we heed their warning, the danger will be averted and we will be safe. Failure to act on their warning will be at the receiving end of bad fortune.

Discovery: Angels are sent to us sometimes to make us discover our true selves. Often times, we live in denial of ourselves. Many among us were created to achieve great purposes in life. But fear, low self esteem and lack of wisdom and knowledge may never let us achieve anything. If nothing is done, that’s how we will end up not achieving our higher purposes. To avert such undesirable fate; the angels will be sent to deliver us the necessary inspiration to break our boundaries and achieve our ultimate aims in life.

Relationships: another reason why angels are been sent to our lives is to help us make right choices in our relationships. This includes our love relationship, family, friends and mere acquaintances. Sometimes we find ourselves in circles of wrong relationships. To enable us break free from such toxic relationships, the angels will alert us to move on and provide us with the guide to find new and better relationships. Also, there are instances where we take our loved ones for granted. Angels in such situation call out our attention to fix our flaws. Angels also provide us the necessary inspiration to develop new friendship and partnerships in our careers.

Change: changes are necessary for growth in life. It comes with uncertainties and fears. To embrace change is to embrace uncertainty. It takes a great deal of courage to do that. However, the angels are there to provide us with the needed inspiration to do that. Knowing the angels have your back will provide you with the courage to embrace any needed change in life.

Interpreting angel numbers

Angels being divine creatures don’t relate to us via ordinary means. They do so through numbers. This leaves us with the responsibility to decipher what message is contained in our numbers. The set of numbers we receive carry meanings that trace back to single digit in numerology. That is from 1 to 9. Every single digit carries a meaning in numerology. Below is the building block to understanding any angel number:

Number 1: Number one is the number that signifies new beginning. It is the number that requires us to stand up and take a stand in our lives or assume leadership positions.

Number 2: Number two in numerology is the digit that emphasizes the need for cooperation, partnerships and also respect for others.

Number 3: Number three is the symbol that stands for communication and expression.

Number 4: Number four in numerology is often associated with career. The choices we make in our careers are all reflected under 4.

Number 5: Number five is mostly associated with excitement and higher purpose we are about to embark on.

Number 6: Number six is the digit dedicated to family and everything that is home related.

Number 7: This is the number that connects you with your spiritual purpose.

Number 8: This is the number that signifies abundance.

Number 9: This is the number of completion. Point to us the time to put an end to something or to embark on something new in our lives.

Number 0: The zero digits stand for starting point of your spiritual journey. It also represents source of divine power and energy.

Angel number 0000 spiritual meaning

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