Waking Up at 3AM Every Night Spiritual Meaning

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So I would go to bed fully exhausted after a long day. I feel so tired that I would ignore my WhatsApp messages. All my incoming calls go straight to voicemail. My girlfriend in the morning will be mad at me for ignoring her calls and messages. My expectation is am going to sleep till 7am in the morning. Boom! Then it happens again. I am waking up at 3am. Something suddenly woke me up. Alarm? Nay; I don’t even use it. It happens fast and suddenly. i would wake up sometimes even panting, sweating profusely. What could be wrong with me? I can’t explain.

waking up at 3am

The next morning; I rush to Doctor. He comes up with several theories and explanation. He will prescribe me some sleeping pills. I go home thinking it would never happen again. I have got to the bottom of the issue. Then I sleep again the next day. To my biggest surprise and disappointment; it happens again. Again and again; it keeps reoccurring. Although not every day; after three days or so, I usually get a break. After a little while, another episode shows up again. Then I go see Doctor again, same old story I get.

Please tell me if this doesn’t ring a bell? I bet the answer is positive. You have probably been experiencing this for several years. You have tried different kinds of solutions but to no avail. It keeps coming. You have thought long hard what could be the reason but you still can’t find answers. You have cut out caffeine and every other stimulant intake but still no luck. Could it be stress? The answer still remains negative. What could possibly be the reason why I keep waking up this particular hour of the night? Well it’s because you are going through a spiritual awakening.

The spiritual world loves us even though sometimes our actions deviate from its path. There are certain other reasons why you may be having issues sleeping at night but when you keep waking up at a particular hour of the night, that can’t be a coincidence. I started making researches on the issue. I keep coming across different kinds of theories and explanations. i didn’t limit the scope of my research so looked every angle but nothing seemed convincing to me until I stumbled upon spiritual theory behind my nights episodes. Everything made sense to me.

Significance of waking up at 3am from spiritual perspective

Every hour of the night holds a spiritual significance. The hours between 3am and 5am harbors special spiritual significance. Those hours are highly sensitive spiritually. It’s also known as the watching hour. Watching hour is the time when the veil connecting our world with the spiritual world is at its lowest ebb. It’s the time where the barrier standing between our realm and the spiritual realm is thinnest. During these hours, the spiritual world can easily connect with us. This is the hour that can help you connect with your higher self and achieve your maximum potentials.

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During these hours, the spiritual world will be communicating messages to you. However, the messages don’t come in plain language. It’s the spiritual world we are talking about here so it can’t be a normal conversation. The messages sometimes come in form of images, thoughts, imaginations and even animals. It’s your duty to sit down and figure out what the messages imply. Waking up midnight can be frustrating but the spiritual world is relentless. The spiritual world can keep knocking your doors for years just to connect with you. The sooner you embrace your spiritual awakening, the easier it will be for you to overcome your nights episodic issues. You are going to keep encountering the spiritual calls until you receive the messages intended for you.

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What to do during your wakeup call

There are certain things you can do that will aid you receive your messages and get over with everything for good although if need be; you may be contacted again in future to receive more messages. But for the time being; you can receive your call and get back to sleep once the connection is over.

  • Note the time of your spiritual awakening and be ready when the occasion rises. Individuals have varying time of spiritual wakeup call so it’s important to know your time and be fully prepared for it when the opportunity shows up.
  • The next step is to try and lie on your back, relax your whole body and take three deep breaths.
  • To attain maximum tranquility, try focusing your mind on a peaceful natural sight maybe some place like a temple.
  • Allow every incoming energy to flow in and close your eyes
  • Try seeing things through the eyes of your mind.
  • Whatever image you see, any thoughts that crosses your mind, imaginations or whispers you hear; keep them at the back of your mind.
  • When everything is over, don’t hesitate to write everything down because by morning; there’s great possibility you may forget everything.

Sometimes passing across message might fails, so you may receive another call next day or someday again. If you are able to receive your message well, you should be able to get back to sleep within no time. When you wake up in the morning, try to decipher whatever message that you have received and apply it where due. In rare cases, 3am can also be the hour where your loved ones who are deceased are trying to connect with you.

Other theory about waking up at 3am that I didn’t find convincing is one from the physical perspective. According to Chinese traditional medicine; the human body has a special clock system. Different parts of the body get awake at different hours of the day. The body part associated with 3am is the lungs. Therefore, when you wake up at 3am; it is the energy parallel to your lungs that are weak or blocked.

Also, 3am is associated with sadness emotions; therefore that explains the reason why you are awake at this hour.

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